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Why I’m Running for Circuit Court Judge

Dear Friends,

For the past 14 years, I’ve been proud to serve the citizens of Milwaukee County as an Assistant District Attorney. I’ve worked hard to help victims of crime, hold criminals responsible for their actions, and develop solutions to help prevent crimes before they happen. Helping our community has proven to be tremendously rewarding which is why I’m asking for your support in my effort to become circuit court judge.

I believe that to be a good judge, one must first be a good listener. I’ve spent nearly my entire career listening to people as they explain how economic, drug, or mental health challenges have affected their lives. In addition to litigating hundreds of criminal cases involving violent crimes, drug offenses, and domestic violence, my work has taken me out of the courthouse and directly in the community as one of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office’s “community prosecutors.” For several years, I’ve been embedded in neighborhoods listening to people’s concerns in an attempt to determine how the court system can best serve the needs of the community.

Prior to my work as a prosecutor, I worked as a civil litigator for a prominent Milwaukee law firm. I’ve seen how the legal system can vindicate or destroy both individuals and businesses alike. As a judge, I would make sure that every litigant who appeared before me was treated fairly and above all – with respect. Being a judge carries with it great responsibility. I believe great responsibility should be accompanied by great humility to ensure that the focus remains where it should – on the issues at hand.

I’m excited at the prospect of serving our community as a circuit court judge. Being an attorney for nearly 20 years and having worked in both civil and criminal courts and within the community, I believe I’m ready for the task. I look forward to bringing my broad range of experience to the bench and honorably serving our community in this new capacity. Please support me with your voice and your vote in April 2012 as I look to become Circuit Court Judge in Milwaukee County. Thank you.

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“As a judge, I would make sure that every litigant who appeared before me was treated fairly and above all
– with respect.”

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